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Lead with the confidence you grew accustomed to as a technical expert

"George is good at observing people and assessing what they may need to move forward without telling them directly what to do."

Jamie D., CXO

"George has been instrumental in helping me find my voice as an executive. I’d recommend him to anyone who feels they need a trusted advisor to help them navigate a leadership role."

Aaron S., VPE

"What surprised me the most: how much more I was able to accomplish with George's guidance, and how I started applying what I learned to other areas of my life!"

Vickie T., LCSW

Leadership doesn't have to be a lonely place!

Leaders are surrounded by people, but have only a few people they can turn to when things get tough. And frequently, even with those people, they cannot discuss openly their trickiest situations. A senior executive, planning to retire in a few years, for example, might not wish to speak about their plans too soon.

Things leaders say and do frequently have a big impact on their employees and even the people outside their organization. A hastily composed announcement might send ripples of anxiety through the organization. Or negatively affect the public perception of the company.

It's true, humans learn best by trying things out, making mistakes, receiving feedback, and doing better next time. The trouble with overt trial and error in leadership is that the mistakes are often disastrous.

Bringing an impartial guide along on your journey, who can help you “workshop” your ideas and give you instant feedback, is both faster and safer.