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Individual coaching will unlock your potential

Our individual coaching program is for folks who are looking to lead authentically, make better decisions with confidence, and leave a lasting impact on their organizations without compromising their values.

If you feel stuck or uncertain about your career, coaching will help you understand what's not working and what to do about it and hold you accountable for making progress.

With our coaching, you'll learn to lead and live with a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Still have questions?

How soon can I schedule my first session after signing up?
After you've been accepted into my individual coaching program, your contract starts on the day I receive the first payment. You'll be able to schedule your first coaching session at that time. My availability varies from week to week, but I never take on more clients than I can fully support in a given week. Simply email me if you're unable to find a convenient spot on my calendar, and we'll work it out together.
Can I record my coaching sessions?
Unless you request otherwise, I automatically record and transcribe all our sessions to help me stay 100% present during the call and not worry about taking detailed notes. I'm happy to share both the recording and the transcript with you.
I've done this before—bought a course, hired a coach... but I always seem to drop the ball before getting the results. How can I be sure this is not going to be the same?
Look, at the end of the day, you're the one who'll need to do the work. I can neither predict whether this time will be different for you, nor guarantee your results for you. What I can guarantee is my unconditional positive regard for you, regardless of how you might feel about your performance at any given moment. I know that behavior could be incredibly difficult to change. Especially if you have ADHD or any other form of neurodiversity that affects your executive function. I will use all of my training and my experience to support you in the best way I know how.
Can I bring a business partner or a team member to a session?
You're free to share the recordings and transcripts of our sessions with your partners. But our one-on-one sessions are strictly for me to support you. If you'd like to discuss group coaching for your team, please email us at support@sudarkoff.com
What if I have a vacation coming up, or some other event, will I get a make-up session if I have to skip a week or two?
If you feel like you won't have enough time to dedicate to coaching, then perhaps it's not the right time. Just come back when you're ready to commit. That being said, you're not paying for my hours, you're paying for results. I know life often gets busy—we'll work around whatever else might be happening in your life. We'll meet more frequently when you need lots of support, and less when you don't. I also offer unlimited email and Slack support between the sessions.
What's your refund policy?
The trial session is free and there’s no risk or obligation. If you're accepted into my individual coaching program, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with your first coaching session for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full. Thereafter, you can cancel any time before the start of the next billing cycle. Cancellation becomes effective as of your next renewal date, and your services will continue until the end of your current subscription term.
How do I pay for your services?
I accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH direct debit, and several other options via Stripe.com. If your company will be paying for my services, and it uses a vendor management system, I'll be happy to accommodate that. I can also send you a monthly invoice if that's your preference.

Wait, who are you, anyway?


Hi, I’m George Sudarkoff, and I support exceptional, quirky, and neurodivergent founders and executives who want to lead with a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction.

I’ve distilled 30 years of my experience as an engineer, entrepreneur, leader, and coach to create my method that has one end goal in mind for you… a fulfilling career. You can learn more about me here.