Join us in this live virtual workshop where founders and executives with ADHD learn to reach their full potential and achieve authentic success by unleashing their ADHD superpowers.


Managing ADHD often involves learning coping strategies to compensate for the deficiencies of ADHD. If applied consistently, this approach can lead to success.

However, such hard-won successes in spite of ADHD often bring little satisfaction. At best, you might feel a relief that the struggle is over.


Authentic Success

Recent studies confirm that for founders with ADHD, our most fulfilling, authentic successes come because of ADHD, not in spite of it.

The positive attributes of ADHD—such as creativity, risk tolerance, and the ability to hyper-focus on a problem for extended periods of time—allow us to reach our full potential and support incredibly high levels of success.

You'll learn to

recognize and harness your natural strengths, minimize reliance on unhealthy coping strategies, and achieve authentic sustainable success.

ADHD and Entrepreneurship:

We associate curiosity, creativity, and a singular focus on a problem with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

But these very same traits are also associated with ADHD:

  • curiosity is the flip side of the distractibility and novelty seeking,
  • creativity is not possible without impulsivity,
  • and hyperactivity and hyper-focus are two ADHD traits most closely tied to entrepreneurship.

Natural ADHD strengths:

  • spontaneity and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise
  • ability to connect different ideas
  • seeing things that others don’t see
  • willingness to tackle problems that others shy away from
  • risk-tolerance
  • intense sustained focus

What people are saying

"My work with George has been truly transformative for me as a leader in my organization, and for my own career trajectory in general. I have more confidence in my abilities, and more grounded self-awareness about how I work best and what I need to support my own growth. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with George!"

Colette Alexander

Colette Alexander
Senior Director Of Engineering

"George helped me take my career to the next level despite struggling with ADHD and prioritizing effectively. Through our sessions, George understood the challenges specific to ADHD and provided both tangible and intangible tools to solve my problems. The intangible tools, such as gaining clarity on my core values, have had the biggest breakthroughs and value in my personal and professional growth."


Matt Brems
Principal Data Scientist

"George has been instrumental in helping me find my voice as an executive. I’d recommend him to anyone who feels they need a trusted advisor to help them navigate a leadership role."


Aaron Snyder
Vice President of Engineering

"I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with you. I have learned a lot from you and gained a new perspective through your gentle but firm coaching and guidance.
I want to thank you for the incredible impact and value you have added to my life, mindset, confidence and career growth. Thank you for setting me up for success, I feel a lot better with all of the effort and care you have put into helping me."


Shwetha Thammaiah
Engineering Leader

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