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Public appearances

3 Easy Ways to Prioritize Your Activities

Red Beard Radio with Brian Keith

March 30, 2021

Brian Keith interviewed me about my values-based approach to prioritizing work.

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Why to Choose Curiosity Over Skepticism

Red Beard Radio with Brian Keith

February 16, 2021

I sat down with Brian Keith to chat about the pitfalls of skepticism and the power of curiosity.

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Mindfulness and Curiosity

Manager as a Coach with Alex Martynov

September 7, 2020

Alex Martynov sat down with me to talk about the importance of mindfulness and curiosity for being a good coach.


Distributed Ops for Distributed Apps

Velocity 2016 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November 7, 2016

My talk on scaling technical operations of modern distributed applications, such as microservices.

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