Find a greater sense
of purpose and satisfaction!



If I asked you right now, what values are shaping your life, would you be able to name them?

Most of us have at best a vague idea of what our values are. Even if we already believe our choices are guided by our values, we rarely think about them in any structured or intentional way.

Do you take that promotion with more responsibilities? Or do you scale back your hours and spend more time with your family?

Wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly what choice would give you the greatest sense of purpose and satisfaction in life?

Here at HQ our goal is to help as many leaders as humanly possible to discover their values and to integrate them into their professional and personal lives.

We strongly believe that we'd all feel a much greater sense of purpose and satisfaction if more leaders were living and leading in harmony with their true values.

If you want to stop winging big career and life decisions and hoping for the best, this Free 5-Day Email Program will help you discover your values and turn them into a set of principles to guide your decisions.

How does this work?

In this Program, you will:

  • Recall the key moments and decisions that have defined your life to date.
  • Find the implicit values hidden in your life stories.
  • Identify your top 3 core values.
  • Translate your core values into a set of guiding principles.
  • Take your guiding principles for a test drive.

You'll receive daily guidance and a series of prompts in your inbox each day. Some prompts will require a good amount of writing, others will ask you reflect on what you wrote the day before. For best results, we recommend setting aside an hour each day.